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  • Share A Little Gratitude 25th July - Make it your weekly practice.

    Today I am Grateful for . . . the magic of existense, the soft sunlight on my face in the morning, the purring of my four legged friend, the smell of jasmine and honeysuckle on the breeze, the sound of the joy in the bird's song, the taste of the first sip of tea in the morning and how my heart jumps from the joy of it, the smell of a good book, the feeling of bliss as I finally get to lay my head on my pillows as soft as clouds...

    Today I am grateful for ... waking up another day im grateful for my husband and my 5 kids who have been staying strong for while I deal with health issues for their patience love and understanding thru this rough time im thankful that for them they are my world 

    Today I am Grateful for . . .our good health and life ❤️

    Today I am grateful for ...self and self worth 😇

    Today I am grateful for ...my health, my senses, my body and its capabilities, the loving relationships in my life, my work, my income, my home, my comforts, my luxuries, delicious food to eat, clean water, hot water, electricity, gas, heating, warm clothes and shoes. Thank you thank you Thank you. 

    Today I am very grateful and very thankful for being me and to all those who help and guide me to be me.

    Today I am grateful for ... my breath.

    Today I am grateful for ...defeating my depression days one day at a time without medication just trying to use my own inner strengths. 

    Share your gratitude here and make it a weekly practice . . .
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