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    This week we are exhibiting at The Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne this week, Australia. So we thought it fitting to write about psychic abilities and the differences between them.

    We believe that everyone has the ability to learn to trust their intuition and activate their third eye chakra center. However, those we call psychic or clairvoyant have honed this practice to become a tool for understanding and healing. Those with these gifts and abilities often feel like they are born with them, and work hard to build the trust necessary for this work within themselves.  Psychic awareness can also be triggered by powerful spiritual awakenings, dramatic life changing events, or the death of someone close.  Regardless of how one realizes their spiritual gifts, it requires trust and patience to embody them. 

    " I only discovered I was clairsentient when I started working with crystals. It took me years to trust my intuition "

    Different Types of Psychic Ability.

    Clairsentience, describes the gift of being able to embody the emotions of other people, situations, or places. Clairsentients are commonly referred to as empaths.

    Clairaudience, describes the gift of hearing sounds, words and messages from the spirit world. 

    Clairvoyance, describes the gift of being able to see the events of the past, present and future with the minds eye. 

    Medium, describes someone who may use all three of the above abilities to tune into the spirits who are no longer in the earthly realm.

    Channeler, describes someone who appears to have their body taken over by another spirit for the purpose of imparting wisdom.

    A popular crystal for those practicing their psychic abilities is amethyst, because it is said to open the third eye chakra, activate the sub conscious, and strengthen intuition.

    Powerful Psychic Protector

    This striking crystal necklace is made with a combination of amethyst, lepidolite, and red and blue tiger eye. A perfect blend of third eye opening and root chakra stones. These crystals will help you connect with the psychic realm whilst keeping you protected and most importantly grounded in the physical world. 

    ' I never do readings without mine on.' 

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