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  • Monday Morning Mantra 19th June

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    Intuition Can Be A Powerful Tool For Guidance If We Slow Down & Listen To It  

    Intuition is different than instinct, and one must be careful to seperate the two because they can seem very similar from time to time.  Intuition is the universe directing us forward and instinct directs us based on fear and memories of the past.  

    Fear & Expectation Lead to Traps  

    They make it hard to trust the direction your intuition may pull you in.  Instinct will tell you to run, hide, beware, rely on old patterns, and expect the worst.  Intuition will guide you towards a lighter and brighter path, but it may be an unfamiliar one.  

    Our Intuition is an Attempt of our Physical Reality to Interpret our Divine Reality 

    Intuition is governed by the realm of the third eye.  This chakra center is where the light of the divine begins to refract into our lives, and we begin to see the colors and shapes of creation.  It can be confusing and easy to mis-interpret as the divine is the one source where the illusion of separation has been stripped clean.  So meditate on your third eye and trust your intuition even when it pulls you in new directions.  

    Make it your weekly practice to share your  
    ' Attitude Of Gratitude ' 
    Share a message of gratitude each Monday Morning and it will help you and others appreciate what is really important in life. Simply send us an email and tell us what you feel grateful for each week. And we will endeavour to share your message with our growing community of over 30,000 subscribers, to inspire love, humility and human connection.
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