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    Put Your Trust in Nature
    When the cosmic wheel turns causing unfathomable destruction, put your faith in mother nature. She will create new growth within the ashes.

    The Hindu tradition perceives the existence of a cyclical nature of the universe and everything within it as a wheel of creation and destruction.

    Then fire arose within God; and in the fire arose love. This was the seed of the soul. Sages have found this seed within their hearts; they have discovered that it is the bond between existence and non-existence. 
    Rig Veda 10:129.1-7

    This week meditate and spend some time with Mother Nature.  Rediscover her infinite fertility. Consider the tiny miracles of each seed and flower. Dance with her soft grass underfoot. Bathe in the roaring magnificence of her vast oceans. Revel under her infinite starry skies. But most importantly love and appreciate yourself and your fellow man as a continuation of her infinite creative expression put here to consciously express her love. 

    Life is Love - Love is life   
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