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  • Monday Morning Mantra 13th Feb

    Open Your Heart to Those Around You

    No man is an island and our successes are multiplied by those that share in our success.  This is the same with our loves and our friendships.  The more love we share the more we receive  and in the end what we all want more than anything is to be loved.  This is how we can measure ourselves.  How many people love us?  How many look up to us?  What little things can we do to spread that love, joy, compassion, and strength around?   Open your heart to be a beacon.  Open your throat to share your love.  Open yourself and you will be surprised how much you will receive.  

    Let I Love Chakra bring awareness and support your fourth and fifth chakras with one of our beautiful crystal designs, so that you can keep your head high and your heart open.

    Raise & Be Raised in Return

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