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    Full Moon Mailer 22nd Feb 2016
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    Your monthly dose of goodness,

    Well hello hello hello. Happy New Year and all that hullabaloo.  We at I love Chakra have missed you while we have been out in the world exploring, broadening, healing, and growing.  We visited the sacred Ganges and plunged our selves in the healing waters of the mother of India.  We welcomed in 2016 in Pushkar, India the birthplace of Brahma the creator.  We saw the ocean of humanity bursting forth in Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, New Dehli.  It was beautiful and terrifying, confronting and alive in a way that seeps into your skin, goes straight to your heart, keeps it warm, and gives it hope.



    We are back now re-energized and re-invigorated with this leap year February full moon shining bright. We have learned a lot over the past couple months, and we are looking forward to the growth that it will spawn. 

    Maybe it is just this full moon in Virgo . . .

    but we feel a release coming, a beautiful one that will be full of strength and maybe even a bit of that long besotted hero glory.  We hope you have stayed with us through the journey and are ready to continue to be a part of the ilovechakra community in 2016.  We have a lot of great stuff coming and going. Check out our website’s bright new look!  There are some beautiful and powerful new crystals and designs on the way, inspired by our most recent adventures. Who knows there might even be a bit of tasteful irreverence in the near future.  After all, life is better laughed at from time to time and here at ilovechakra we are all about the better.  

    - Olatundji , Katie & the team 

    Artwork by Darren Decantis


    It is February 22nd and the cycle begins anew with a full moon in Virgo.  The beginning of any cycle can be a time for release and with the influence of Virgo this is a great time to overcome any hurdles that may be holding you back from bringing new things forth.  Virgo energy puts intelligence to use problem solving.  It is driven and gets things done, but this has the potential to lead to a certain narrow mindedness and task focused mentality.  Out of check, this can hinder creativity and narrow one’s horizons. 
    Think about what projects are coming to fruition for you?  What are those things in your life that need that last little shove to be fully born?  The good thing about this full moon is that you will have the energy to solve the problems that come along or are holding you back.  In order to keep this Virgo energy in check though, one might need some support in their sacral chakra center.  Having a balanced sacral chakra center will help to keep one creative and lateral thinking when solving problems. 



    Crystals are your friends and much like your bestie they do not like to be ignored. The full moon is the perfect time to reconnect wth your sacred gemstones and put some love and intention back into them.

    " The more love I give to my crystals, the more love they give me back."

    These natural energy beings called crystals are here to help us to heal. So honour them and celebrate their beauty and positive energy. They can bring so much joy into your life. 
    Every full moon spend some time revisiting your crystals and reinvest in them by programming them and setting some intention, so they can help you to balance your energetic body and heal. 

    " I like to meditate with them and ask them for guidance and clarity. "

    First cleanse them by dipping them in sea salt or take them down to the ocean, then meditate with them and set your intention for the month ahead. Once you have programmed your stones to be attuned to your powers of manifesting put them out in the full moon to charge and activate. If you do this each fun moon, not only will you reconnect with your crystals you will also find a beautiful monthly ritual of self healing. 



    Sacral Chakra Lace Necklace.
    Designed to help you transform.  Move into new phases this month, with exitment not fear. STONES:  Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Red Aventurine, Peach Moonstone, Carnelian. All these crystals help bring awareness to growth, new beginnings, fertility and creation. 



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